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Double glazed window repairs are a common thing nowadays as double glazing has become the benchmark for a warm home. These windows are necessary to keeping the cold out. Unfortunately not all of these windows will remain in perfect shape and therefore need repairs:

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How Do You Fix A Blown Double Glazed Unit ?

A blown double glazed unit is not the end of the world . There are solutions that don’t involve paying for a new window entirely.

A blown double glaze unit can be caused by a window seal failing. This allows condensation and moisture to get in between the windows and mist them.

So if you are in need of a fix to your double glaze unit, then contact The Window Doctor. We have plenty of experience dealing with these units.

So what do we do to fix the unit ?

We replace the unit with another model/pane of glass. We try to make the replacement as similar to your previous as possible, (this is so we only have to replace the damaged units)

So if your in need of double glazed window repairs, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.


Can You Repair Misted Double Glazing ?

To answer quickly, Yes you can.

Mist build-up is extremely common in double glazing, as the 2 panes of glass have space in between them. So when they do become fogged, it is not something that cannot be done by a window novice unfortunately.

Luckily the Window Doctor is here to help!

As discussed the mist is a build up of condensation from a failed seal. So the seal and unit would have to removed and replaced with a new seal to ensure heat stays in, and the cold stays out.

The Window Doctor have dealt with multiple misted windows in their years of operating. They can therefore have your double glazed window repairs done quickly, efficiently and NO CALL OUT FEE !

misted double glazing


Window Replacement Service

If you believe a window to need fixing, it is better to be safe as it could be security risk as well as invalidating your insurance.

But don’t worry !

A window replacement can be efficient, quick and not too costly (If done by The Window Doctor 😉) – our experienced technicians will respond to you on the same day so you can rest easy knowing help is on the way.

We replace a range of windows in different models/size and colour. Double glazed window repairs require more attention as discussed but a standard replacement can be done easily and quicky.

For a more detailed insight into our process of replacing windows, contact us on one of our numbers that best suits your location.


Double Glazed Window Repair Service Cwmbran

If you live in Cwmbran, Wales or the surrounding areas then you are in luck !

The Foot doctor offers (what is considered to be) an unrivalled service to homes and businesses. Our range of services for double glaze varies.

Double glazed window repairs are the main source of double glazing repairs. As discussed the repairs will come from a variety of reasons. But The Foot Doctor are on hand in Cwmbran and other locations to ensure that all your double glazing needs are met.

So for more information on our variety of services, Contact us on :01633 868585 or visit The Window Doctor, Cwmbran.

Double Glazed window repair

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