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Those of you that are keen eyed will have noticed that the winter months are on their way, and that means it’s getting colder already! With heating prices being as high as they are, the question “how do I keep my home warm in winter” seems to be the hot topic at the minute (excuse the pun). So, here’s 7 ways you can help keep your home nice and toasty!

1. Fit Foils Behind Your Radiators

We will start off simple, radiator foils are available from most hardware stores for around £10 and can be fitted without any special assistance. We strongly recommend that you don’t use normal tin foil as it’s dangerous and will not be as effective. Specialist radiator foils are better for the environment and will help to improve the levels of your heating and you will notice the difference. The way they work is by reflecting the heat that leaves the radiator back into the house, without letting the heat escape through the walls.

2. Double Glazing Windows Cwmbran

One of the most effective ways of insulating your home this Christmas is to upgrade to double glazing windows. Although at a first glance double glazing doesn’t seem worth it, an initial investment can save you up to £325 annually. There is the option for triple glazing if you feel you need it which, like double glazing, further improved the thermal and the acoustics of the building.

3. Cover The Draughts

As draughts enter your home, all that hard-earned heating that you’re paying for is leaving your home! There are a few items in your house that may be the cause of this… Old fashioned doors, slightly opened windows and leaving internal doors open. These can all have effects on draughts coming in and taking away all of that heating! To counteract this, you can buy doorstops to ensure doors remain shut and let less air through and try to make sure all windows are firmly closed.

4. Upgrade Your Boiler

Regular house boilers typically last around 10 years, if your boiler has passed the 10 year mark or is getting to around that age, upgrading or replacing your boiler will help to save you money on heating and improve the quality of the heating you do get. We recommend the A-Rated boiler range as for the same amount of heat they use less energy. A new boiler will give you that extra bit of comfort throughout the winter, knowing you won’t have any unexpected breakdowns.

5. Use Those Curtains!

This next one sounds a bit silly, but many people forget to use their curtains or use them at the wrong time. Open your curtains throughout the day to let natural sunlight into your room, close them at night to add another layer of insulation. If this doesn’t work, thicker curtains may be an alternative to provide even more warmth.

6. Try Wrapping Up

The simplest and cost-effective way of being warmer in the winter is wrapping up. Wear more layers and use hot water bottles and you will save money and be warmer. Use blankets and there are also electric warm blankets and mattresses that you can use now to stay warm throughout the night.

7. Programmed Thermostat

Programmed thermostats help to manage energy bills and enable you to control your heating systems, all from your smartphone! Programmed thermostats mean you can walk in through the front door to a warm house with no worrying.

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