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More home owners are looking for that traditional look with modern features. A Composite door is the answer. These high-tech doors are composed of a selection of materials that combine to give you style and security.

Why Composite Doors Can Be Better Than Timber

Timber doors can come at a premium and require more overall maintenance, though naturally beautiful. Composite doors however, have just as much charm with the handy features of relatively low maintenance schedule. Composite also retains its colour over time. The way they are made means the colour runs all the way through, whereas Timber doors will need regular refinishing.

Composite Doors Or uPVC Doors

Both these choice are great for strength. Composite Doors have the look of a traditional door, whereas uPVC give you a sleek modern look. Both have the same extra security with strong integrated locks and their maintenance is super low compared to wooden doors. Overall, it’s a choice of the look you want for your home.

What Are The Features Of A Composite Door

Composite doors aren’t just strong they come with many great features:
• They have a solid wood core but the outside is scratch, scuff and heat resistant.
• They are energy efficient. Just like uPVC they have a great ability to keep the heat in the home.
• They can be tailored to your home and are very adaptable to many environments.
• Low Maintenance- As mentioned, they do not scratch or scuff and unlike natural material they hold there colour and appearance. With good care they will give you years of service.

Composite Doors CWMBRAN

If you think composite doors may be a choice for your home, contact The Window Doctor and we can help you make the right choice for you. We have a great choice of doors, so you’ll be able to find your ideal style.

Emergency Glazers Cwmbran

The Window Doctor we are still Open for Emergency Locks and Emergency Glazing Only Call 01633 868585

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