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Want to know how to get the most out of your windows at home? How do you improve the efficiency and durability of your windows? The list of options is endless, from small handyman jobs to grand window replacements and expensive installations. Keep reading to find out a few useful tips for your window replacements.

Homeowners tend to go for an option of window replacement without fully understanding their options and looking into the best solution. There may be other options that save both energy and money but do the same job, so doing your research is important.

How Long Do Modern Windows Last?

Studies show that the average residential window lasts between 15 to 20 years. You shouldn’t wait until windows break or stop functioning properly before replacing them. When they are towards the end of their life expectancy, that is when the experts suggest you consider replacing or repairing windows.

There are small things you can do around the 15-year mark to improve the lifespan of your windows. These include small DIY jobs like adding sealant, making minor repairs and getting them repaired at the first sight of any problem.

How Do I Know If My Windows Need Replacing?

Cracked Frame or Panes:
When a window is cracked, the first thought is that it looks bad or that it’s not aesthetically pleasing. However, the more serious consequences of a cracked window are what that does to it’s performance of insulation and security.

Fogged Glass:
Common in both double and triple pane windows, fogged glass is formed through a microscopic hole being formed in the glass. The small hole traps condensation and causes the glass to get fogged easily. The most reliable way to remove the problem is to replace the window or the area of the window as soon as possible.

Increase In Energy Bills:
Most households see a steady rate of their energy and heating bills. If you see these take a sudden increase and you are noticing you are spending more money on heating or the heating you are using is not as efficient, get some one to look at your windows.

Soft Frame:
If the windowsill or window frames appear to not be as tough and rigid as they were originally. This may be the start of the moisture wearing out the wooden windowsill. It would be best to get these replaced to more modern windows that deal with the moisture in the air better.

Window Replacement Cwmbran

Although there are some small changes you can make to help improve the efficiency of your windows. However, when a window needs replacing this is something you shouldn’t ignore. For the safety and efficiency of your home it is important to get a broken window replaced as soon as possible.

For all window repairs and replacements, call us at The Window Doctor and a member of our friendly team would love to help and give you a FREE, no obligation quote.

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